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#Omicron: Know what Centre expects from States

#Omicron: Know what Centre expects from States

#Omicron: Know what Centre expects from States

Omicron: Know what Centre expects from States

 "A current study suggests increased transmissibility of Variant of Concern Omicron, Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said."

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has released new measures for the states and the Union Territories (UTs) a day after India confirmed the first case of the COVID variant Omicron. To contain its spread, the health ministry has asked states and UTs to be "extra vigilant" about enforcing public health measures. India confirmed the first case of the COVID variant Omicron.

Secretary of Health Rajesh Bhushan said that current evidence suggests Variant of Concern Omicron has increased transmissibility.

The Union Health Ministry's measures for States and UTs:

The Ministry of Civil Aviation's "Air Suvidha" portal provides details of all international passengers arriving in India, including those from "At-Risk" countries. The State Surveillance Officers (SSOs) have been instructed to log into the portal every day so they know in advance who will be arriving in their state or territory 

States and UTs have been asked to follow up arriving passengers through the surveillance mechanism and to be tested in accordance with the existing travel guidelines for international travel. 

#Omicron: Know what Centre expects from States

"Enhanced Testing is the only strategy for detecting the virus" and, in compliance with ICMR and Ministry of Health guidelines, states and UTs have been directed to conduct focused and strategic testing, especially in and around new clusters of infection.

The most effective way to stop the spread of the disease remains contact tracing of all positive patients. Within 72 hours, all contacts of a positive person must be traced, quarantined, and tested. States and UTs have been asked to share samples of all those who test positive for Whole Genome Sequencing promptly, and only to laboratories tagged to their state or UT in the NSACOG network

State and UT health departments have been asked to fill the remaining first and second dose gaps. COVID-19 vaccinations are addressed and filled up through proactive measures

As a result of the higher transmission risk of 'Omicron', COVID-19 appropriate behavior must be emphasized and enforced at all times.


All efforts should be made to manage crowds, enforce masking and social distancing at all times. The states and UTs have been asked to follow up on the number of active cases, rate of testing, and positivity in all districts. In the event of an increase in cases and positivity, public health measures should be immediately implemented 

UTs and states have been asked to again review the capacity enhancement of their health systems in terms of beds, oxygen, ventilators, isolation and quarantine facilities, drugs, and manpower, and to take proactive measures utilizing the ECRP-I and ECRP-II financial resources provided by the central government to make sure they are fully prepared.


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